Renting or Buying in Orlando, Florida

Renting or Buying in Orlando, Florida


This is the biggest doubt of many people who are looking for an investment in Real Estate in one of the top ten fastest growing cities in the U.S.  It can be very hard for newcomers planning to permanently relocate and those who have only visited the city as a vacation. Of course I am the one who can help you with whether to buy or rent. Here are some tips in my point of view. The benefits of renting a property in Orlando is the flexibility to try new neighborhood or with just short notice move from an apartment to a house or the option that makes more financial sense. Depending on your interests, if you come to just learn English or international visa holders as employee or short term college students or a visa less than one year, I would suggest to rent for sure.

Orlando has a place for just about everyone! Many people buy a home for different reasons: stability, investment or I would rather pay a mortgage than rent. Orlando has a variety of top private and public schools in great neighborhood that is the number 1 reason for purchasing a property zoned for the great schools. Fortunately investing in a home based primarily on the school district should pay off if you eventually decide to sell. Homes in desirable school district tend to move off the market more quickly and sell for higher prices than homes in average schools areas.

Another good reason is that instead of paying rent you can invest in your own property. I can refer you to a good mortgage broker or bank and find a low mortgage interest rate and finance for many years. The monthly payment can be much less than a rental property. If you are a foreigner I can also help you find a good low interest rate to purchase your dream home and finance it for 30 years.


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